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Becoming Your Own Doctor

September 04, 202324 min read



Symptoms that can clue us into a problem. (4:54)

Paying attention to self-talk and taking time for yourself. (9:10)

The power of meditation. (13:40)

How much do you love yourself? (18:39)

  • Discover the reasons why you need to become your own doctor

  •   Learn how the government prevents your doctor from empowering you

  • Understand the importance of saying no and firing your MD

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    In this episode, I introduce you to Dr Mary Kelly Sutton.

    Dr. Sutton has always been a pioneer in the field of medicine, being one of only 10 women in her medical school class.  Her approach to medical care exemplifies the true nature of healing; the art of combining science and learned knowledge, with experience and expertise to successfully care for thousands of patients.

    Dr. Kelly Sutton practiced medicine for five decades with no board or hospital complaints, and no malpractice judgments. The Medical Board of California revoked her California medical license March 25, 2022, for writing eight vaccine medical exemptions for school children; Dr. Sutton is challenging this revocation in court. With 20 grandchildren, so you might say family is a very high priority for her!

    Dr. Sutton is not unique. A growing number of physicians who read scientific literature for themselves, and individualize patient treatment based on that reading, are being investigated and disciplined for treating their patients as individuals. The professional and government narrative today is pushing doctors to treat and advise patients without any consideration of their unique medical needs, most notably for Covid-19 cases and for all vaccinations. Only the health recommendations of the government and establishment medicine should be followed. Remarkably, doctors who deviate from ethical and legal behavior in the practice of medicine – such as sexual aggression, financial fraud, poor quality care with deadly outcome – most often do not face license revocation; patient advocate groups have been formed to plead for victims of these doctors. One of the biggest joys at this time in her life is to help women regain their power and remember who they were meant to be as we lead a movement back to real health in all areas- physical, emotional, and financial!

    Dr. Sutton continues to be committed to the well-being of not just her patients, but all patients.  While she could easily retire, she has chosen to engage in the most important civil rights fight of our time.


    Join me for this episode of Mommy Heal Thyself to learn How To Be Your Own Doctor.

    Check out these episode highlights:

    ·        04:04  – medical boards no longer protect patients

    ·        12:12 we are a no longer a nation under God

    ·        13:00  – why the government and drug companies do not promote vitamin D

    ·        16:58  – Be willing to say no to your doctor

    ·        21:43  you can fire your doctor, hire another one.

    ·        25:00  – isolation makes us more controllable

    ·        26:50  – caring for the caregiver

    ·        29:21  Jung's red book


    (Note, this was transcribed using a transcription software and may not reflect the exact words used in the podcast)

    Intro  0:00 

    Welcome to Mommy Heal Thyself.  We featured guests that provide you with the tools, resources and strategies you need to say no to a life of pain and suffering all forms of preventable disease, toxic drugs and unnecessary surgeries. We hope to inspire you to boldly reclaim your ability to heal, and to serve ones to love.

    Dr Michelle  0:06 

    Welcome, everyone to another episode of Mommy Heal Thyself. I am extremely blessed and honored to be able to bring to you today, a near and dear friend and colleague, Dr. Mary Kelly Sutton, and we've known each other for a couple of years in a variety of different spaces. She was also a member of our board of directors for it takes a village ministry, the organization that hosts the Mommy podcast, but today, what I wanted to focus on is some of her legacy, and what she's working on currently, because Dr. Sutton has practiced medicine for five decades, with no board or hospital complaints, and no malpractice judgments. And yet, in 2022, the Medical Board of California revoked her license. And then shortly thereafter, in 2023, the Massachusetts board revoked her license based on what they call reciprocal discipline. And now she's back in the court rooms, because she's fighting for her New York license, because the state of New York now wants to revoke her license again, because of reciprocal discipline, despite the fact that she hasn't even practiced in New York. And she hasn't done anything with her license for almost 40 years in New York.

    So now, I will need for you to understand ladies and gents, that Dr. Sutton is not unique.  A growing number of physicians, scientific literature for themselves, aka can think for themselves and individualize patient treatment based on that reading, are being investigated and disciplined for treating their patients as individuals. The professional development narrative today is pushing doctors to treat and advise patients without any consideration of their unique medical needs, most notably COVID-19 cases. And actually, for all vaccinations, only health recommendations of the government and establishment medicine should be followed according to the government. Remarkably, doctors who deviate based on ethics based on actual legalities, and based on their Hippocratic Oath. They are the ones that are being targeted. Most often, they are facing licensure revocation. And so now, we have an upsurge of various groups that are out there fighting with Dr. Sutton for your rights. Remember this, I keep on telling you that Dr. Sutton has been practicing for like I said, five decades, girlfriend can go home, sit on the porch, sip lemonade and just play with her grandchildren. But she chooses, continue to fight for all of our rights. And in this case, she's fighting for what basically is in the event, not in the Constitution, but in our legal description, referred to as the patient bill of rights. And you know, that I have spoken to you before about your bill of rights. So she's fighting for you to have the right to medical autonomy, medical sovereignty, she's fighting for you to have the right to choose what medical interventions you feel are best suited for you without being criminalized. She's fighting for your rights to have access to all information regarding anything that can contribute to your informed decision making. She's fighting for your constitutional rights, your ability to speak freely, and to decide what is best for your health. So I invite you, ladies to join me in welcoming Dr. Mary Kelly Sutton.


    Dr Kelly  4:04 

    Thank you, Michelle, you really stated the issue. So clearly, I appreciate that. And I appreciate your kind words. Medicine is really in a very difficult situation now because it's been hijacked by a whole different set of values and what it started with. When I graduated in 1971. We knew the Hippocratic Oath was a core part of our lives to first do no harm. And we knew that we were treating patients and that we were a profession. But over the last 50 years, medicine has changed. First it became a business and it was more of an adding IT administrators and then it became an industry and now it's becoming an enforcement arm of the government. medical boards no longer protect patients, they protect consumers. So that's a very significant vocabulary change.   

    See, a patient is a person who's vulnerable and open to the care of a professional. But a consumer is not vulnerable doesn't have a personal relationship, they're very objective in a retail exchange. So by those word changes, we're not a profession anymore, we're a retail exchange at the best. And in some people's eyes, we are agents of the state, which is the worst, because then patients don't have doctors.

    And basically, the title becoming your own doctor is sort of a necessity today, because you have to pick and choose among the services that are offered by conventional establishment medicine, or any healthcare provider, and decide from your own education, experience and intuition. Is this right for me or my child? We used to have this beautiful sense of confidence, because we trusted the benign authority of a doctor.

    Authority is no longer benign, it still wants to be an authority, but it's not beholden to you anymore. It's beholden to the people paying it, whether that is pharma, or government regulations. And so we have lost our doctors, and we have to become our own doctors. And in a way, we have a whole lot of good on our side, because, as you know, and you work with the built in immune capacity of the human body, that's huge number of aces in the whole, the whole premise of conventional medicine is that the pharmaceuticals can do better than the body. That's a false premise. Everything pharmaceutical is a tweak of what already existed, it's hacking, what was given. And if we work with the basic immune system that we were given, and we are careful with common sense, lifestyle, nutrition, sense of purpose, rhythm, to the day sleep, exercise, we have health, we don't need to improve on our sleep, our diet by pharmaceutical products, we can use what nature has given and have very close to optimal health and many answers for many problems in disease.

    So that's where your task is to, we have to educate ourselves.  Learn about how the body works, how to work with it. There's many good resources, and you bring those Michelle or you point to them. So I think that's the task that we have today. There's also a little bit of a need to be literate legally. I was not as a doctor. And three years ago, when I first learned no, four years ago, that I was being investigated. I didn't know what my rights were or what to expect, or where I could push back. So I got pushed around. And I am now a lot more savvy. And I think that all of us have to take the time of doing the drudgery work of reading everything that we sign. And that's a permission a consent to treat and when we go into the ER or the hospital, and we have to know that some of the words in there cover more than what they sound like. So if the word if this is a consent to use biologics, biologics is a whole world of new kinds of treatments. And it includes vaccines. And if you are not sure what words mean, just right on the bottom. I don't want any x and you fill in the blank. You may say I don't want antibiotics. I don't want things that you think you're allergic to. I don't want vaccines and sign your signature.

    That's your right to state what you will and will not do. Hospitals now feel they own us. So we have lost medical rights. And there's a huge loss of rights on offense. Parents have lost enormous amounts of rights in schools. I just read the school committee documents for the place where my grandson will go to kindergarten. The word parent is hardly mentioned. There's students rights, and there's how the school communicates with the public or the community. But it doesn't talk about parents. So parents are becoming a non entity. It's like, we talked about canceled culture, which is canceling that part of humanity. Well, if we take out parents, what's left? Whom do the children belong to? Well, they belong to the school, the school is part of the state. So we're back to the state. And the state really replaces the highest of everything, namely, God. Because we do not include God, of course, in any of our legal agreements. 

    And, and too often not in our thinking even. So, every authority now becomes under the state, a doctor is an agent of the state.  The school takes care of the child, not the parent takes care of the child. And the student has rights because the student is a minor is vulnerable can be influenced easily. But where are the parents rights? Where are the patient's rights, not the consumers rights, but the patient's rights. And patients need a relationship with a provider, they don't need a price tag or a contract. They need a relationship. And that's what we're leaving out. So the whole definition of humanity is challenged. Because we have to be human to have relationships, you have a relationship with Sophie, but we don't have a relationship with my laptop. Exactly. I use it for sure I appreciate it. But it's not a human relationship. So we're going down very interesting paths today. And we have to keep our eyes open, stay very strong, independent and educated, and listen really well to what's happening around us.


    Dr Michelle  12:12 

    You know, we used to be able to say that we are a nation under God. And that is no longer the case. And I think as you said, we have to really start at the beginning, the journey of becoming your own doctor starts with.  Where do you perceive the healing to come from? And I think that's where our journey together began, when I learned you as an anthroposophical Doctor, right? We have an understanding of the fact that “medicine” is there to support nature, not to be in place of nature. So could you talk to us a little bit more about how we can become our own doctor, in terms of understanding what you and I take for granted, which is that medicine does not replace nature, but rather should support nature.


    Dr Kelly  13:00 

    So that's a beautiful phrase medicine supports nature.  It's not 100% True, it's the ideal of how medicine should work. But you can't patent nature, because nature already exists. And you only make money if you have a patent on things. So if vitamin D is helpful, you can't really encourage the use of vitamin D. Because it's not patentable. You have to tweak it to make it a vitamin D plus, to put something else with it. So it belongs to X companies that can say this is mine alone, and I charge X for it. And the money all comes to me and then I can promote vitamin D plus.  That's the issue.  And it's part of the ethic of medicine and the ethic of science.

    Science has been beautiful in its basic science, part of its life, when it's simply sought to understand what is the cell? How does the liver work? How does the spleen work? How does the hard work and we had this enormous body of knowledge that would just put you in awe of the miracles that happen in the body? And what creates health and what happens with sickness and how it could be improved.  But now there's less and less basic science and more interventions. So over and over.

    Science is seeking something that can be sold as a medication patented, and it will change the way the body works without really understanding how the body works. There are ramifications. There is a wonderful recording on EPOC. TV, by Dr. Kevin mckernon MC K er ma N. He reviews the many, many changes that the COVID shot makes in the COVID. Germ and the spike protein? And how many different kinds of DNA and RNA are in the vaccine? And how little understanding there is of what these do. It was not tested in the trials, there are known issues and the amplification, the use of those proteins in the vaccine is amplified by the fact that the lipid nanoparticle is there. So we're doing things we don't understand, we have put the cart before the horse, we have said, I'm going to change nature before I understand nature. And the COVID vaccine is a beautiful example of it. And for anybody who value science, listen to Kevin mckernon. It's an amazing trip through what's going on in the biology of the COVID vaccine. Wow.


    Dr Michelle  16:00 

    And you know, the interesting thing about what you're saying in terms of becoming your own doctor, it is so important, because even as we are here, having conversation about facts, scientific facts related to a medical intervention, that conversation is not allowed, that conversation is not allowed to occur between you and your medical doctor. And several states, such as California have blatantly come out with laws that provide for that blanket censorship. And so can you tell us a little bit more about how we can become empowered to become our own doctor to be able to maneuver through this minefield in light of the fact that we can't count on our medical doctor, to provide us with the information that we need to make informed decisions?


    Dr Kelly  16:58 

    Be willing to say no, be willing to say thank you very much for that information. I'll think about it. And I'll get back to you take another person with you to an appointment, especially the older women get kind of steamrollered by an authority and a white coat. So have another set of ears. And maybe that person even says, May I record this, or I'm going to take a few notes, Doctor. And if you want to read in advance about the condition that you have, so you have your questions prepared.

    You can always ask a doctor, what would you do if you were me, which tends to put the practitioner in your situation so that the details of who you are, could be thought through.

    Now, that sometimes isn't going to be enough, because the doctor is still under pressure to practice by guidelines, which almost make complete conformity around how that patient is handled. It's the loss of the individualized medicine that you spoke about earlier, Michelle?

    So you have to be aware that that's where it here? No, and I'm going to think about it is very much in your favor, get a second opinion, talk to a natural health provider and ask them what would you do if you were me, because you may get a whole new world, a patient has to make a team for health care, there is no one source for health care, that's going to give you your prescription, your surgery, your natural information, and the wise behavioral guidance and spiritual support. So the patient is kind of like the hub of a wheel. And they have to make a spoke for the establishment medicine, a spoke for natural medicine, a spoke for spiritual and emotional support, and whatever else they need. So that's a big responsibility. The doctors not going to carry the load, not anymore if you want good care, that used to be in the old days, and they could reliably be trusted to speak from an authority point. And we just followed anymore, we have to take on that authority. And it comes with time. It's not all at once, but you get better as you go. And you talk to other people and see how they were dealing with their appointments and who they found that were providers who could listen.


    Dr Michelle  20:00 

    Yeah, you know, and you're bringing up something that makes me feel so excited and motivated because this is what we have been talking about for years long before all of these different adventures. We have been talking about the fact that only you can heal you and you have to be courageous enough to take on that position of Captain to say, You know what I am, like you said at the center of this wheel, and I will determine what all the different spokes are. And what I say to people is be courageous enough, and maybe even a little bit touched enough, you know, to say, I can fire my MD, because you work for me. And there is no sparsity of people that can help me with, with whatever I'm working on. Very rarely do we have a situation that requires an immediate decision right there on the spot. And so they they intimidate people, and they bully people into thinking, you got to make this decision. Now you've got to do this. Now. I've literally been in that position, as an as an myself personally, and also working with other women, you know, especially in childbirth, but like, you have to do this, like up. Let's hold up, let's give her space, and pray. Pray on it, allow God to just sleep within your being and help to guide you to the right people, guide you to the right decisions guide you to the right information. I'm telling you pray, as you go on to Google say God, I really just don't understand this, please, here with me what it is that I need to know, God, I pray that you bring the right people into my life that that may know of a doctor that may know of a practitioner, you know, and to and to just know and understand that this healing power resides not only within us, but around us. You know, yes, I am. What you're saying Dr. Sutton,


    Dr Kelly  21:43 

    You touch on such a beautiful thing. Michelle, a doctor is a hired expert, hired being the operative word. And I'm the employer. So exactly as you say, you can fire your doctor, hire another one. And you pointed also to the motivation that makes the patient follow the doctor. And that is fear. We are literally threatened by our health care providers way too much. It's not an informed consent. It's a pressured consent. So if you, you or that person that you bring with you to the appointment, are thinking, wow, that's a lot of pressure. Oh, that's scary. I better do it, by the way, recognize the fear motive. And just say thank you very much. I'm going to think about this. Because as soon as fear gets involved, it's the wrong arena to make a decision. When someone evaluated the backgrounds of the people who change the cholesterol criteria, and said, Oh, we really should have an actually lower cholesterol than what we've been saying. eight of the nine people who made that decision had ties to pharmaceutical companies selling statins or equivalents. So the guidelines are not trustworthy. And some people deeply immersed in the medical research field have written articles in journals saying, it's time to say, we have to say each research article is fraud until proven otherwise. This is how shaky the foundation of science and medical science is today. So the things that we have thought were important for us to follow may not have even happened as studies they might be made up. Or if they did happen, they may have fraudulent individual data in them. So we just have to use common sense, which we've all got inside us. And and again, to go back to your title, which is how to become your own doctor.


    Dr Michelle  23:53 

    In light of this reality, where all of the journals are being called into question, it goes to, well, what did our grandparents do? What did our great grandparents do? They had the insight to trust, the signs that nature was giving them, they did not know their cholesterol level, they did not know all of these things. But so they had the insight to say, ah, you know, something isn't quite right here. Right.

    And that is something that we need to also address the fact that we have been made to not trust, the innate spirit that is within us. We have been told now to trust the experts. And now I think people are just so overwhelmed and desperate and in despair, because, like you said, everything has been called into question and they don't know how to seek that answer within anymore.


    Dr Kelly  25:00 

    Yeah, it's part of the isolation, which makes us more controllable to separate us from our nuclear families, our friends, our intuition, our religious community, and say, Oh, the expert, which is the same as the state is the one who knows. So I have a family by following the expert, or the state. And that's a false family. It's not doesn't have our best interests at heart.


    Dr Michelle 26:00

    Yeah. So I guess part of becoming our own doctor is, as I think you're implying, to reach out, and to build bonds with other people, and to create network, the network that we used to have. Again, that's one of the reasons why you and I partnered up, but it takes a village that has Yes, in of creating natural healing communities throughout the globe. Because within those communities, you may not know something, but maybe Susie down the road know something, I just love the fact that we are, we are creating that community here in my local area in Greenwood, Florida. And you know, the other day one of my goats passed away, and I was like, Why do and on the chat, all of these people started giving me different tips on what I needed to do. So if something else happened to me, even with it with regards to my physical health, if I put it into Jack, I would get all kinds of different responses. Not all of them would be accurate or apical. Right. But at least I have that sense of I'm not alone. Yes.


    Dr Kelly  26:37 

    Yes, we're so communal. We can't be any other way. As human beings. We were not born to be isolated. We were born to be together.  Thank you for those words.


    Dr Michelle  26:50 

    Now, in alignment with that, I want to touch on something maybe a little bit personal, you could tell me Michelle, none of your business. But I was curious, with all of the attacks that are coming upon you. How have you been able to, to make it through who provides that care for you, the caregiver, so to speak.


    Dr Kelly  27:14 

    Thank you.  I am always inspired by parents, because I have seen the suffering they have gone through to help their children and they continue to go through to take on more loads of work. That is not their assigned task. But it's just work that the world needs right now. So they become a new organizer, or an activist of some type, or community builder.

    I take walks in nature, there's a hay field near here that I love. And I just see the changes that happen is there's a new plant a new moth or butterfly or the different sounds change as the seasons go by. It's real noisy right now, because of all the cricket sounding things. And then in winter, it's silent, completely silent when it's frozen.

    And I think bodywork is really important, some kind of physical touch, and good food, I cook my own food and spiritual reading.  And I think also, there's many stories about this not being just a human event, there are people who are talking about the changes the earth is going through. And that actually we're in a very unique time. That's part of a vast cycle. So we have to take heart that this is not every day on Earth, it's a very special, intense time that we just have to say, okay, I get it, I'm not going to expect too much. And we go through it knowing we're part of a big vast change of some kind that's underway.


    Dr Michelle  29:15 

    Awesome. So what is one book or TED talk or event that has inspired you the most?


    Dr Kelly  29:21 

    So a friend just told me about Jung's red book, and it's just called the Red Book. And it's very tender and sensitive. It is the record of the years when he was exploring the images in his unconscious. And he said for that 13 years or however long it was, that was the most meaningful part of his life because the rest of his life he spent analyzing and understanding what those images meant. And Jung separates two spirits, the spirit of the times, and the spirit of the depths. And the spirit of the times, when he's relating to that spirit, then he's being in the academic talking about his psychological understandings presenting at meetings.


    Closing: Thank you for tuning in for this episode of Mommy Heal Thyself, if you liked what we're doing here, please share subscribe, like us and leave a comment. Your feedback is very much appreciated.

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