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The Importance of Getting a Second Opinion and Parallel Health Systems

October 02, 202321 min read

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·        Female health, functional medicine, and Olympic experiences. 0:17

·        Hormonal imbalances and menstrual issues after COVID vaccination. 4:27

·        Holistic health and second opinions for medical diagnoses. 9:34

·        Women's health and self-advocacy. 14:35

·        Toxins in personal care products and their impact on hormones and overall health. 19:34

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In this episode, I introduce you to Dr Hadar Elbaz, the Director of Functional Medicine for the Wellness Company.

Dr. Elbaz is originally from Israel where she served in the military. She eventually attended Hunter College in New York to study nursing, and from there, realized her calling in holistic healing. She went on to complete her Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego. She then took her education further, graduating as a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in April 2017.

For many years Dr Elbaz worked with athletes both recreational and elite as well as individuals interested in improving their health and well being holistically treating not only injuries but also helping with prevention. Aside from treating injuries and alleviating pain by focusing on the root of the problem, Dr. Elbaz is also extremely passionate and knowledgeable about Functional Medicine. This approach focuses on endocrine disorders such as thyroid, adrenals and hormone balance; gastrointestinal issues such as leaky gut, food allergies and sensitivities; the immune system and how all these interact with the environment and our bodies.
She is an Ironman triathlete and a double bronze Olympian in the Jewish Olympics.

Join me for this episode of Mommy Heal Thyself to learn about parallel health systems and the importance of getting a second opinion.

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Intro  0:00 

Welcome to Mommy Heal Thyself.  We featured guests that provide you with the tools, resources and strategies you need to say no to a life of pain and suffering all forms of preventable disease, toxic drugs and unnecessary surgeries. We hope to inspire you to boldly reclaim your ability to heal.

Dr Michelle  0:37 

Welcome my beautiful ladies to another episode of mommy heal thyself today I have a phenomenal guest for us. Her name is Dr Hadar Elbaz and she's going to be talking to us about a lot of things in terms of our female health and the importance of being able to advocate for yourself and to ask for a second opinion if the need arises. And she's also going to talk to us about parallel health systems that we may not actually realize that we have available to us now. Dr. Elbaz is the director of functional medicine for the wellness company, and she originally from Israel, and she served in the military. She eventually attended Hunter College in New York studying nursing. And from there she realized her calling for holistic healing. She went on to complete her master's degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Pacific College of oriental medicine in San Diego. She then took her education further and graduated as a doctor of acupuncture and Chinese medicine from the Pacific College of oriental medicine in April 2017. Now for many years, he has worked with athletes, both recreational and elite, as well as individuals interested in improving their health and well being holistically, treating not only injuries, but also helping with prevention and aside from treating injuries and alleviating pain, by focusing on the root of the problem back to Elbaz is also extremely passionate and knowledgeable about functional medicine. This approach focuses on the endocrine disorders such as thyroid adrenals hormone imbalance, gastrointestinal issues, such as leaky gut, food allergies and sensitivities, the immune system and how all of these things interact with the environment of our body. And guess what lady B is a super woman because she is an Ironman triathlete, and a double broad Olympian in the Jewish Olympics. Man, I am scared of you girlfriend.


Dr Hadar Elbaz  2:52 

By the Introduction Thank you so much, Michelle. It's tradition.


Dr Michelle  2:58 

A little bit about the Olympics. Oh my goodness.


Dr Hadar Elbaz  3:02 

It was a kick in my throat. Randy was the most intense most amazing experience I've ever had in my life. 10 days of racing for different events every other day in Mexico City. So it was in elevation. It was cycling time trials like being in a an Olympic triathlon two days later, and then a three kilometer ocean or like swim actually, two days later and then a half marathon two days later again, and you have to either win medals for each event and then overall so I won third place bronze medal in the Olympics in the triathlon and Olympic triathlon while I had one to zoom on so I was actually sick. The day before in the day off, it was horrible and it was so dehydrated and I almost passed out on the run. But I prayed and prayed and found the gel in my pocket and someone from the crowd gave me some Gatorade and that saved my life. And I managed to pull through and rock it on the run and get in third place. And then I won. And then we had the half marathon which I got fifth place overall, but because I was third place overall in all of the events, I want another bronze medal. So it was an overall amazing experience last time, my life and the most difficult races have ever done also, and I've done many in Ironman after that was another tough one. But it was all really incredible. I'm so grateful I was able to do that. A few years ago.


Dr Michelle  4:30 

Wow. I feel wiped out just even thinking about it. Otherwise


Dr Hadar Elbaz  4:37 

it's the mind the mind is really what gets you through it right and doing the right supplementation, the right nutrition, the right everything. So luckily I had all the resources that I brought with myself aside from Western medicine that I had to take something from Montezuma because I couldn't function. But I had all of my essential oils, all of my supplements, you know acupuncture needles, and you know all these good holistic remedies to help me thrive not just survive, so


Dr Michelle  5:03 

thankfully Wow, you are the poster women for all that we want to aspire to. I'm telling you. Thank you. Give me a little bit of background in terms of who are the people that you're working with currently and what are the issues that they're dealing with?


Dr Hadar Elbaz  5:25 

Sure, so throughout my career, so I had a practice in San Diego for over 17 years. And there I had seen a lot of athletes, so I treated a lot of injuries but I also saw a lot of functional medicine patients for internal medicine. Whether it was anxiety, insomnia, gut issues, hormone imbalance, women are able to get pregnant or carry the baby headaches in motion so I saw everything. And now I will mostly focus on functional medicine how to treat the root cause, right and heal it versus normal with a instead of going to the pharmaceuticals, and going to the doctors for every little thing. We always look at the root cause and that's really the key of what I do always with patients is finding out what is causing your headaches. What is causing your hormone imbalance. What is causing your weight gain what's what's causing your thyroid, your Hashimotos your immune, your skin condition, your menstrual cycle being out of whack. There's so many reasons why women have you know, hormonal imbalances, or why we women and men have anxiety or insomnia or digestive issues. So always look at the root cause and they do so by taking blood tests, comprehensive blood tests, doing Chinese medicine diagnosis with tongue diagnosis, official diagnosis, filling a whole questionnaire and kind of letting you know what's really going on seeing the background of the patient or lifestyle, their habits during attrition. What medications what supplements what emotions, what you know, maybe even breast lung but she did a lot of women with breast lung illness. That can be another issue that causes a lot of health issues for women and they're not even aware of that right. Yeah, so anything from you know, big to emotions to anxiety to hormone imbalance, menstrual problems. And now with COVID we're seeing more and more menstrual imbalances and menstrual disharmony and problems.


Dr Michelle  7:22 

Can you tell us a little bit more about what you mean by that in terms of the more disruptions within the female hormonal cycle?


Dr Hadar Elbaz  7:31 

Yeah, so unfortunately, and I don't know if you've noticed or seen women deal with that or complain about that, since the vaccines came out. Even if you haven't been vaccinated or you have Unfortunately despite protein does get does not stay in one area like they thought they would. Right it does. Circle around your organs and can attach to certain organs ovaries included. And so a lot of women vaccinated or not had had menstrual cycle that was completely either interrupted or started even though they were already in menopause. I have patients that were in menopause and suddenly got a period very odd, very odd. Are women getting their periods torn twice a month or having an irregular being delayed or coming in early or totally messing with them? So I've seen it I've had I've had it happen to me and I'm not vaccinated and just a shedding and you know, despite shedding and stuff was causing a lot of women having a lot of problems, unfortunately.


Dr Michelle  8:26 

So we came up. I can attest to that because you know, when I first heard about it like that, it's some blue nonsense, no, it's shedding and stuff. I totally did not even put any kind of credence behind it right, right. And then I went to a very crowded event that was full of older people, and we know that they're the ones who, generally speaking are more likely to take a shot. I have not taken the shot. And then all of a sudden, I haven't had my cycle for over a year and all of a sudden I started having that bleeding and I just like oh my god, it was the very next day. And it was very bizarre because I couldn't attribute it to anything else. There was nothing else that was different in my you know, usual activities. And so I tell you so the reason why I'm interested in talking to you about this is because you're now part of the wellness company, and the wellness company is what I term as part of a parallel system. You know, that gives us more options. When it comes to our health care. Can you talk a little bit about that and your role there? Yeah, so


Dr Hadar Elbaz  9:38 

I'm the functional medicine director and we're bringing in more holistic remedies that I'm working on and ballistic treatments and holistic telemedicine appointments, so that you don't have to just see a western medicine doctor but you can also see an attractive medicine doctor the wellness company offers telemedicine and we offer amazing products as well. For example, the spike supports the spike sports formula that they have for children and for adults, and that can really help if someone was vaccinated or was not vaccinated to really help kind of dissolve despite protein causes. A lot of whether it's micro clots or heart disease or any kind of issues. The spike support has nattokinase is one of the main ingredients for the adult products and that really helps weeds the dissolving and then it has other antioxidants like last. I'm sorry, Black Sea Flexi loss. I'm sorry. I recently lost black sativa which is like a cumin seed, selenium, green tea and other ingredients that are phenomenal for inflammation and analysis and for helping dissolving spike. And then for children. We have a formula that is chewable without the nattokinase that can be you know not shouldn't be used for children. And that one has, you know, the vitamin C with pomegranates, dandelion extracts of course, from a link for pain routine so other ingredients that are excellent to help children who have been vaccinated or are getting shut on right from other children or other adults to protect. So we offer products that help protect from the actual spike whether you've had the vaccine or have had the COVID. Right. And we also have emergency medical kit right now that we're offering for emergency so you actually don't have to go to a medical doctor if you are sick, that you can rely on that kid and that is a beautiful emergency Caitlin has ivermectin and lung sealing and other medications that can be used in emergency cases. So all you do is purchase that. And then you have a quick consult with a medical doctor that we have on our team. And then they ship through the kit so you have it for emergency so you don't have to rely on the medical system toto oh my gosh, I have COVID What am I doing now? They won't give you ever mentioning highly likely right now. They try to avoid it for you know, the last couple of years or three years telling us it's not good for us and now they came up with studies that of course he was fine. We knew that. So we have and we have you know great second opinions telemedicine. appointments that we offer so we have everything from telemedicine to great products to medical emergency kit, and we offer that to everyone. So it's great to have that.


Dr Michelle  12:11 

Now, what can you tell us about the importance of getting a second opinion or even just having that resource? In case you get a quote unquote diagnosis and you're like, Ah, I don't know about these meds. You know, you have something that you could share with us with regards to that.


Dr Hadar Elbaz  12:31 

Yeah, I always advocate for any person men and women, if they get a diagnosis of some sort or with your second opinion, right? Because oftentimes and unfortunately when you go to a medical doctor, sometimes they miss diagnose, right with MRIs or breast scans or mammograms. I'm not a fan of I actually like the ultrasounds that are always get a second opinion. Because if you get God forbid a diagnosis values on my gosh, I've got the C word or whatever. You want to always have a significant and you want to always take the precautionary steps to advocate yourself Be your own doctor. What are you doing? Are you sleeping enough? Are you too stressed? What medications are you on? What food are you eating? Are you exercising? Are you getting enough sunlight? Are you getting you know in a flow? Are you in healthy relationships? Are you you know exercising Are you getting sauna? Are you sweating? There's so many things that you can do on a daily basis number one to help troops spent right now we're in October, breast awareness Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I highly urge women not just to get detected but you want to prevent you want to use a proper measures to help prevent disease by doing the right thing for prevention. Take care of yourself, right don't just rely on the western medicine to tell you by the way, you're not you're not doing well because A B and C No How about I'm not even gonna go to the doctor because I'm gonna take care of myself. So if I need I like to use preventative measures like also acupuncture, chiropractic massages, saunas, exercise on light sleep, all these things, right? So I have a whole protocol of what can you do on a daily basis to really better your life, anti aging, make sure you're healthy and then God forbid you have something you can get and I recommend getting a second opinion by a more of a holistic doctor. Or at least a company like we have right and not just going to the primary to tell you go now that it's out or go get chemo or radiation or whatever. Advocate for yourself, get a second opinion. Don't just rely on that.


Dr Michelle  14:37 

You know that's so important especially for us as women there are times when the medical doctor would present you with a particular diagnosis or prognosis. And there's just something inside of you that says, Ah, I don't know. And we have been taught to quote unquote trust the experts and so we don't really trust that inner voice. right ladies and you guys relation. I've shared with you the whole thing where I went into a psychiatrist and within 15 minutes she wants to diagnose me with bipolar and give me a prescription. I was like, No, that's not happening. And even with my daughter, you know, the doctor prescribed diagnosed her as being a type one diabetic. But I started observing certain things and I said, this doesn't sound right. And so I questioned kept on questioning, but I didn't have the resource of the wellness company. You know, I had to do things for to do things for myself and both take myself back to school and learn all this stuff. So I'm just tickled pink that now we have a wellness company where you're able to get that parallel system access to talk to a medical doctor, and have that conversation about possibility and options alternatives to the quote unquote diagnosis or deploy code treatment. So within that membership that you have, if you can tell people a little bit more about what benefits they can receive as members of the wellness company. Yeah, there are different memberships. And I would put a screen up to show you but there are different memberships and different benefits that you can get including discounts, including, you know, complimentary


Dr Hadar Elbaz  16:31 

consultations via telemedicine supplements. that come along with that. You know, checkups whatever you need. So, depends on the membership that you have, you can literally get the discount for products you can get the free products for months that go with complimentary consultations if you need so, there's so many great benefits to be a member of the wellness company and you never have to worry to find a doctor that will be you know, either giving you a bad sentence or would not be listening to you and be less holistic. So I feel like going the more holistic route even other MDS within the wellness company that we can direct you in a better place and have alternative treatments, alternative supplements and different things to offer. So what is what is one common mistake that you find women make when they are addressing their health concerns? Common mistakes


Dr Michelle  17:29 

when they address is that they're, you're right. They're not listening to their own bodies. They're not listening to their own intuition to guide them. If it's a woman,


Dr Hadar Elbaz  17:36 

something doesn't feel right and she goes to the doctor and are giving her something or telling her something and they're just blindfolded going behind what they said without actually researching or without actually really feeling what is going on and how can I make myself better with myself first. That would be the number one thing that a woman should be doing right. Advocate for yourself. Take care of your health. Always follow your gut always meditate. Take a deep breath right look inward like what do you really feel? What do you really see what do you really need and what are you lacking? And what is your heart and soul desire? Oftentimes, we don't look inward for the outside exterior confirmations or validation or answers whereas we have all the answers. We think that's always right. So we have to stop pause for a minute. Meditate, breathe, look inward, and really feel like feel not just think but feel because women feel they have a lot of intuition that we don't use, unfortunately, because of society. You know, shallow shallow breathing, what we're told to do, or we're told to me or whatever the case is, you have to pause for a second and religious let's, let's see what's going on here and talk to myself and really feel what's the best route Wow. So is there anything else that I should have asked that you think would be helpful for our women to be able to lead lives that are filled with passion,


Dr Michelle  19:09 

purpose, promise protection and power and peak? Yeah, you know, I always like to recommend things to ladies, especially today was such an environmental toxic, toxic environment, with environmental toxins being all around us.


Dr Hadar Elbaz  19:27 

Number one recommendation is always watch what you have and what you put on and around your body. Right? Whether it's lotions, whether it's you know, your detergents, your chemicals, your soaps, plugins, candles, deodorants, perfumes. If you're using all commercial regular stuff, you are bombarding yourself with toxins that can and will disrupt your hormones. They are called Xeno estrogens, they are fake estrogens that completely take over your body's regular estrogen and are carcinogenic and are disruptive and are endocrine disruptors. So I always recommend changing your habits of chemical instead of chemicals use natural use essential oils. Use natural deodorants, right. Use natural oils. Don't use parabens don't use you know, estrogens don't use Falaise perfumes. Use the natural stuff instead. So take it take a look around your house. Stick look in your makeup section in your yard around in your lotions in your bathroom. in your kitchen, in your laundry room everywhere. And I bet you they're going to find the funnel holistic already a lot of chemicals use that are contributing to diseases and fatigue and endocrine issues. And anything else that they probably are suffering from that they don't even know or maybe even headaches, depression, wasting just so many things, right? Yes. Oh my gosh, it's connected to everything. I'm so glad that you made a point of bringing that up. In any case, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart


Dr Michelle  21:06 

and on behalf of all of our women. Thank you for taking the time in your busy schedule to share all of this phenomenal set of resources for us. And my prayer is that a lot of our women will reach out to you guys over at the wellness company, if if nothing else, but to go to the website. So ladies, I'm going to be putting the website in the bottom in the description. And when you go to the website if you decide to check anything out, you'll get an extra 10% If you use our code, you know and please please please use those resources and use that information to be able to empower yourself not only for you, but for the ones that you love. Absolutely I can also give you my website if you'd like my personal websites. Yeah, my personal website is vibrant glow. So the vibrant glow,


Dr Hadar Elbaz  22:00 

because I always practice the vibrant glow from inside out right. It's not just the outside what you do, it's inside. So the vibrant glow that come and then I also have Instagram and that is Dr. Heather Sofia, so it's Dr. Dot Adar Sophia as my Instagram handler I post a lot of health stuff, wellness and different things. So yeah, fantastic. So I'm going to be including all of those links, ladies, so be on the lookout for that. And thank you once again for joining us for another episode. Mommy heal thyself.


Closing: Thank you for tuning in for this episode of Mommy Heal Thyself, if you liked what we're doing here, please share subscribe, like us and leave a comment. Your feedback is very much appreciated.

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DR. MICHELLE GAMBLE, DN is an author, educator, mentor, and speaker who specializes in assisting persons with chronic illness to heal themselves so they can break free from pain and frustration and live with power, protection, promise, purpose, promise, prosperity, and peace. She has been a professional educator for over 25 years and a natural health care provider for over 15 years. Dr. Gamble is also the mother of five children. She travels globally and around the country speaking and consulting with individuals and groups.

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